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What is Information Packaging, and why does it matter to you?

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Our mission is to help people build enduring relationships and deliver information to their key audiences, confident that they will connect. We believe that forging strong relationships is the path to a kinder, more cooperative and fulfilling world.




We want to help you establish and maintain dialog with your audience. Monolog-messaging, which is so prevalent, is fine for a “sell-once-and-move-on” approach; we’ll help your business truly thrive and grow by facilitating ongoing conversations.

Not only will your customers or audience keep coming back… they’ll spread the word. This can become your most powerful tool for growth.


Our number one goal is to earn a position as your trusted advisor on all matters related to information packaging, delivery, and the technology behind it. With that in mind, we’re dedicated to getting you results.

Vacano Creative is at the center of a network of independently-minded, seasoned professionals, each of whom brings decades of experience in their specific areas of expertise.

You have challenges. We want to help.

Work Samples

World Changer Consulting

Games are incredibly effective teaching and communication tools.
Game development and production is not nearly as difficult as you might imagine.

Press Play Lifestyle

Use supporting materials to SUPPORT your presentation.
Effective imagery sets the tone and reinforces the message.
Go easy on the text!
Powerpoints don’t have to suck.

Performance Sport Care

Security is essential, particularly when a CMS platform is used.
SEO is definitely important, but only part of the equation; engaging content that connects with visitors and encourages conversion is what truly creates value for the business.
When working with a new developer, a full site redesign is not always warranted.
Keep the project team lean, but ensure that it has the right experts to fit the need.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Publishing a book is not nearly as difficult as you might imagine.
Cover design is directly connected to sales.
Quality control is a thing… a really important thing.

Illinois Continuity of Care Association

Key Takeaways A membership site can serve as an incredibly effective tool for the sharing of information between members and groups within an organization, large or small When supported by strong back-end tools, such as a membership database, CMS, and direct email system, an organization's web...

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