Chris listened to our needs and collaboratively developed a crisp, refreshed website and other technical solutions that have helped us be more efficient, communicate better with our affiliate programs, and overall feel better about our capacity to meet our mission.
Debra Gilmore

CEO, Oregon CASA Network

Key Takeaways

  • Web sites are most effective when they provide concrete functionality for visitors and serve the different needs of different constituencies
  • Collaboration between geographically separated individuals can be facilitated with a well-constructed online platform
  • Combining multiple cloud-based applications and services allows for development of rich, centrally located web applications

The Story

Oregon CASA Network is a statewide non-profit organization that provides information and resources to 22 distinct affiliated county level CASA organizations, and coordinates communication between the national CASA and county organizations. They recently underwent a restructuring, and engaged with Lean In Creative to accomplish multiple objectives:

  • Refresh the OCN web site to provide a fresh and engaging visitor experience and to reflect the renewed focus of the organization
  • Develop a centralized collaboration platform where member organizations can share information, resources, and files, and post local events to a centrally located calendar
  • Identify and assist with implementation of a CRM system in order to track donations, membership, event registrations, etc.
  • Set up a mechanism for regular outbound communications to general membership and specific constituencies

To answer these needs, Vacano Creative analyzed the organization’s existing technology infrastructure, and provided recommendations to streamline and improve the web site platform and portfolio of cloud-based services used. We also researched various web-based services and made recommendations as to which would provide the best fit for the organizations current needs, with a view toward future growth and expansion. This included collaborating with the CEO to identify an ideal CRM.

We then developed and deployed the new web site that is consistent with National CASA brand guidelines, provides a secure collaborative platform where key stakeholders can share information, donations can be collected, job listings can be posted on behalf of county organizations, and the general community can locate information on county organizations, significant upcoming events and news, and more.

Lastly, we deployed Mailchimp, integrated it with the CRM, and developed custom branded templates and automated lists for outbound communications.

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