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Key Takeaways

  • A membership site can serve as an incredibly effective tool for the sharing of information between members and groups within an organization, large or small
  • When supported by strong back-end tools, such as a membership database, CMS, and direct email system, an organization’s web site can become the virtual hub for carrying out all manner of organizational business

The Story

Illinois Continuity of Care is a statewide non-profit trade organization that provides information and resources to over 700 businesses focused on senior care throughout the state of Illinois. IL-COC had outgrown its previous website and CMS system, which was cumbersome, unappealing, and both difficult and costly to manage. Vacano Creative stepped in with a comprehensive solution:

  • Refresh the IL-COC web site to elevate the brand of the organization and present it in a light more consistent with the value they represent to the senior care community, provide an engaging visitor experience and facilitate the easy dissemintation and retrieval of information
  • Provide members with different low- or no-cost opportunities to promote their businesses to the public on a centralized platform dedicated to the ongoing care of Illinois seniors
  • Develop a CRM back-end for the easy and intuitive management of the organization’s large membership
  • Replace the direct mail system with a more effective solution to support the organization’s high touch approach to communication with members and local chapters

To address these needs, Vacano Creative analyzed the organization’s existing technology infrastructure, and provided recommendations to streamline and improve the web site platform and portfolio of cloud-based services used. We also researched various web-based services and made recommendations as to which would provide the best fit for the organizations current needs, with a view toward future growth and expansion. This included collaborating with the Executive Board to design an ideal CRM.

We then developed and deployed the new web site, membership database and CRM system, and email system.