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Chris strikes me as a talented, creative individual….and he has demonstrated that and I appreciate that. He has been very helpful, accepted my calls, and has always been patient in listening to my challenges and objectives. He has demonstrated an understanding of my concerns, which is the most important component in establishing a long term, mutually-beneficial relationship.

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Key Takeaways

The Story

Performance Sport Care is a chiropractic clinic in Walnut Creek, CA that specializes in the treatment of sports-related injuries, fitness, and training. When Dr. Cancel first approached Vacano Creative, the web site for his clinic had recently been compromised and vandalized. With the assistance of a friend, he was able to get his site back online, but was understandably concerned that it was still vulnerable to future attacks. Additionally, he noted that the site wasn’t getting much traffic, and almost no conversions.

As we dug in to get a clearer picture of the current setup, we identified multiple opportunities to make the site both more secure, faster, and easier to manage. We started by migrating the site from its current platform and hosting provider to a more secure and stable platform and ISP. We also deployed multiple new layers of security to protect the site from compromise.

Since it was already a well-designed site, we did not see the need for a redesign, but we found the site content needed a fair bit of work. Previous developers and vendors had given Dr. Cancel some unfortunate guidance regarding SEO, and we discovered a number of issues that were actually working against his objective of attracting traffic and generating conversions. Vacano Creative collaborated with Paul, the SEO and social media-savant at Erickson Studios. We streamlined the technical aspects of the site, refined the copy to engage with visitors at a more personal level, and provided clear calls to action to make it easy for visitors to connect with Performance Sport Care.

Within the first two weeks of the refined site going live, Dr. Cancel has already seen modest improvement. We have now moved into the maintenance and promotion phase of the project, and are working to steadily build traffic.