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Our Process: how we do it

When we take on your projects, we apply a carefully thought-out process that enables us to deliver optimal results.  The process consists of four general steps:

  • Discovery
  • Analysis/Evaluation
  • Strategy
  • Implementation
Every step of the way, we engage with you in a collaborative way, to ensure that the work we do together expresses the authentic voice, vision, and personality of your organization.

There are many creative agencies out there who will take your project brief, go away, do the work with little or no input from you, and then hand you what they think is right, in their voice, with a take it or take it attitude and a hefty bill.

We’re not that kind of agency. We recognize that, while we’re experts at what we do, you are the expert at what you do.

Once we have a clear picture, we will prepare and present a formal written project proposal that clearly explains the components, steps and timeline.

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We want to deliver successful solutions to help your business or organization grow and thrive, so it is essential for us to gain a clear understanding of the project scope, audience, objectives, constraints, desired outcomes, and of course, your project budget. Before we take on your project, we will invest time with you to discuss your business, your goals, challenges you have encountered, and any other relevant information.

We then go do some research on our own, looking at your market space, your competitors, your audience, and so on. Once we have a solid grasp of the landscape, we synthesize the information you provide us with what we've found. During this period, we may come back to you with questions to clarify and sharpen our understanding.

Once we have a clear picture, we will prepare and present a formal written project proposal that clearly explains the components, steps and timeline.

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At this stage, we dig in deeper to the details in order to precisely understand what we have to work with, and where the needs are. We look at:

  • The people you need to reach, in-depth, to identify your typical and ideal customers or audience
  • Optimal channels and platforms to reach those people
  • What project components are already in place; it makes no sense to throw out the baby with the bathwater
  • Of those, what elements need revision or refinement
  • What components need to be developed.

In subsequent cycles, Analysis becomes EVALUATION, where we assess the degree to which the solution(s) we've deployed are working, and look for opportunities to tune and improve outcomes.

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Once we've identified all the key considerations, we put together a comprehensive plan focused on helping you begin to initiate dialog and build relationships with your audience. We go through the strategy with you, step-by-step, to ensure that you understand the why and how of the proposed approach. And most importantly, we rely on your feedback to ensure you are comfortable with every aspect.

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Having pulled together all the information from the previous steps and with a clear understanding of the objectives, we leverage our skills and creativity to put together a complete package solution that is internally consistent, reflects your voice, personality, and character, and presents what you are trying to say in a way that will resonate with your audience to spur dialog which will lead to relationship-building.

We will engage you to review content and messaging, look and feel, and all other aspects of your project. More importantly, we take the time to explain and teach you along the way, because we feel that it's a disservice to you to hand you a product you don't fully understand or feel complete ownership of.

When the project is complete, we train you in the management and maintenance of your project at a level that suits your comfort and availability. We then invite you to continue the working relationship with Vacano Creative for ongoing tuning, adjustment, support, maintenance, management, and expansion.

This where the process cycles back through Analysis (which becomes Evaluation), Strategy, and Implementation at a more granular and targeted level. A solution that’s right today may need to be tweaked or course corrected in six months. We have no desire to hand you a product and then abandon you. Rather, our goal is to continue to advise and support you as you go forward, in order to ensure ongoing value and success.