Let’s Go to the Tape…

November 27

A precedent is set on Day 1.

November 28, Day 2...

Huh. Will you look at that?! Now we've introduced a 2-minute warning.

Day 2 (continued)

And 7:00, right on the dot!

... and even more!

Daddy dodges a bullet through the grace of the Mod's kindness. Warning to everybody else.

... and yet...

A solid 8 minutes later, Spicy walks right into Abrams' "line of ire."

Interdiction is swift.

Abrams is all over it.

Defense Counsel arrives...

Banana steps in to plead for leniency

"a good argument."

Skeptical, Judge Abrams is persuaded to leave it to a vote of the players assembled, and Spicy is granted a reprieve.

Apparently, though, this was "a good argument" with an expiration date.

Finally... we can move on! November 29

Pretty uneventful. Until...

Doh!!! You didn't...!

1 hr 25 minutes after close, Evy wakes from a nap and makes a totally understandable mistake. But there is no room for leniency tonight. Evy is made an example of, much to all of our chagrin.


20 minute warning followed by 10 minute warning. Emphatic.

At this point: the precedent set on Nov 27 seems to be set in concrete.

December 1, Carry on!

Once again, right on the dot... with a teensy tiny little slip which could easily have been explained by one person hitting Send just seconds ahead of the other, given the matching time-stamps. Maybe even milliseconds. Definitely within the margin of error.

Otherwise, totally uneventful night.

December 2, All hell breaks loose.

I would post a screenshot of tonight's warnings and/or "Chat Closed" announcement, but there weren't any, until after the fact... because apparently, fuck it, we're not bothering to do that anymore.

So it turns out that 4 players, deep in conversation, failed to pay attention to the time and ran over by 4 minutes. Noticing the mistake, one of the 4 immediately called it out and told the others to stop chatting, then alerted the mod with a tag in #gossip.

Clearly, these 4 are nefarious actors with bad intent who think the rules don't apply to them. STRING 'EM UP!!!

But no good deed can be allowed to go unpunished. Lyssy took exactly no time to scream for blood because... (checks notes)... Daddy killed her early in the game and she's still bitter?! Mmmmmmm-kay.

And Evy joins the chorus, because if she gets punished then everybody who runs afoul of the clock must get punished, regardless of ANY differences in the nature of the transgression. THE FOUR MUST DIE.

And so our hard-working Mod is put in the unenviable position of having to try to sort this out and come up with a balanced and just response. Fact is, Solomon's got nothing on his ability to find just such an answer. No suicides tonight, but 4 kills tomorrow in the game.

Oh, and Wolfie is met with glaring silence for stating a vigorous and reasoned defense. (shrug) That sucks, but nothing I can do about it.

Parting Thoughts…

1. If you want to be a Rules Nazi, by all means, be a Rules Nazi… but be consistent about it, and adhere to your own rules, otherwise you’re just a hypocrite.

2. Playing GOTCHA with the chat clock is really pretty lame, and just bag GM’ing if you ask me. Especially if you… AGAIN… don’t enforce it consistently.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.