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How Much is it Going To Cost?

Our goal at Vacano Creative is to provide exceptional service at a fair and reasonable price. We know that every customer has unique needs, so we have designed our pricing structure to accommodate most any set of challenges.

We believe strongly in transparency and cutting to the chase. We don’t think wasting your time or leading you down a cloudy path is a good way to start a working relationship. We start with a free 30-minute discovery call, where we will ask about your businesses and the need you are attempting to address. Before we get off the phone, we will give you a rough ballpark price. If that price is out of your budget, no problem! Of course we will be happy to sharpen our pencils to see if we can meet your need at a lower cost.

Our pricing structure is broken down into two categories: per-project and retained services. The key benefits and considerations are explained in each section below.

Per-Project Pricing


Per-Project Pricing is a good choice if you only need help with one or two aspects of your information delivery efforts, or if you only occasionally need help and would not benefit from continuous on-demand access to Vacano Creative’s service offerings.



  • At initiation of your project, you will be provided a project proposal that explains the scope of the project (ie, what work is included), delivery milestones, and payment schedule.
  • Work is restricted to the scope established in the project proposal. Any out-of-scope work you request and authorize will be billed at our standard hourly rate.
  • If any part of the defined scope is discovered to not be possible in the way it’s defined, we will make our best effort to identify acceptable alternatives, and confirm with you before executing.
  • Certain projects, such as web sites, may require ongoing support after project completion in order for you to get the best value out of the project. At the time of project completion, we will offer you a retained services agreement tailored to the specific requirements of the project, or you are welcome to enter one of the full-service agreements described above.

    Retained Services


    Our Retained Service packages are tailored to fit varying workload needs. These packages are ideal if you need ongoing assistance with multiple facets of your information packaging, delivery, business proccess and/or infrastructure needs. Customers who chose this option have on-demand access to the entire array of services we provide.



    • Agreements are available in 3, 6, and 12-month contracts.
    • Agreements may be cancelled at any time by either you or us with 30 days prior written notice. We won’t make it awkward by asking why.